Individual Session

1h session to 

Jump from Passion to Personal brand that sells online.


We'll work on any of the related topics:

Defining Your Profession

  • Jumping from "lost in profession" to "I know what profession is right for me"
  • Defining "The main ingredients" for the most fulfilling profession for you


From Passion to Business:

  • Jumping from "I know what I love doing, but how to pay my bills with it?" to "I've started to make a living with my passion"


Building Your Brand Foundation

  • Jumping from "How to align my business with who I am and increase my ROI?" to Closing the gap between what you want to say and what they hear and buy


Grow Your Business with Personal Brand

  • Jumping from "I love what I do and it brings me money but how to make it viable in a long term?" to "I have a Personal Brand and a business system in place that works for me"


Building Inner Resistance and Setting Mindset for Success

  • Jumping from "There are so many inside and outside obstacles that are holding me back from doing what I love" to "I'm my own life designer"  
  • or Jumping from "I'm suffering from my hyper-sensitivity" to "I'm living my life to the fullest"


Getting Unstuck or Using design thinking to tackle the problems business or personal

  •  Jumping from "I'm stuck with this obstacle" to "I have a solution and I know what to do now"



  • If you're starting to work for yourself and
  • And you want to build a sustainable business system
  • You want to share a real value and make a positive impact with your business
  • You want to start selling through social media
  • If you can apply to yourself any of the following titles: Entrepreneur or Solopreneur or Mompreneur or Freelancer



online, video call, skype, zoom or WhatsApp



If it all interests you, but you're hesitant whether it's really for you, ask me a question here at or feel free to leave it as a comment on IG @bigjumpcoach to any of my post or

let's talk for 30/20 min, contact me here

Or start by downloading your personal brand checklist here


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Individual Session

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