Define YOUR Profession

After 1 homework 1 session 


1. "The main ingredients" for the most fulfilling profession for you.

2. How to use those "ingredients" to make sure your business or profession brings you joy

3. When you know what activities make you who you are, this knowledge becomes your SuperPower: you can work anywhere knowing what to focus on and what activities fulfill you the most, and what drain you



There are many things I share in the videos, posts, courses, and webinars. I will share more recorded, downloadable formats, so it's easier for you to access them whenever you want.

Except for this session.

If you're reading this, then it means you've been "lost in profession" for a while, so the most efficient way is to use external help.



It's like trying to feel your skin.

Try it.

It's hard, if not impossible... even if it's such a natural part of you.

The same thing is with the most NATURAL activity for you: it's such an integral part of you, that separating it from others, is as hard as feeling your skin.


You need an outside perspective.


That's why I propose this pack: 1 homework to do and 1 online session to attend. Ideally, we need more time, and that's why - if you choose this pack, you're signing up for taking the homework seriously, giving 100% to it, accomplishing the tasks as asked.



we analyze what's been done, define your main professional "ingredients" based on your passions, interests, other activities that make you who you are and then you decide whether you want to take it to the next level and make a living out of it: business model, wrapped into a personal brand.


If it all interests you, but you're hesitant whether it's really for you, ask me a question here at or feel free to leave it as a comment on IG @bigjumpcoach to any of my post or

let's talk for 30/20 min, contact me here

Or start by downloading your personal brand checklist here


After you complete the purchase. Feel free to pick up the time slot and schedule Define Your Profession session, click here

Please keep in mind, that you'd need at least couple of days, better a week, prior to the session, to effeciently complete the homework.

Define YOUR Profession

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