8 Steps to Your Powerful Personal Brand that actually sells
Checklist from Big Jump

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In these 7 pages PDF you'll find:

  • How to make sure your brand represents YOU

  • 2 exercises to make your own Brand Audit

  • Essential pieces of your Solid Personal Brand

  • What things to analyze so your offer speaks to the right people?

  • What goals to set to keep it viable in the long run?



  • Start checking whether you have all the points covered

  • If not, write when and how you do it.

  • Decide on which ones you work alone and where you can use the help of  Big Jump 

  • or #BigJumpTribe (sometimes it's enough just to ask)



This checklist includes big milestones without a detailed explanation. For more thorough work there are more stops on the road to consider. 

If you wish to breach the gap between 

YOU (your vision, values, offer) and THEM (clients needs, their purchasing power, and market rules) = so you build strong authentic Personal Brand that sells through social media, contact me for a Free call to get started

To get this Free Checklist, please, submit the form below
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