Hi, I'm Aliya.


I'll help you to make a Jump & Design the life you want to live

I'm a Life Designer.

In other words: Life Coach and Design Manager all in one. 


Personally, I feel as an artist of my own life. 

And I help others to live as artists as well.


I'm also a human, women, wife, mom, daughter, sister...and many other things.


Most importantly 


  • Creativity

    • It's not about creativity in a narrow sense: if you can't draw you aren't creative etc. 

    • It's about being free to be yourself and always find solutions to challenges, it's about being empathetic to the world and others, being brave, knowledgeable and always, always, always curious.

    • It's about buzz word Design Thinking, that allows solving problems in a creative way, that puts people in the centre of the process and that in the end teaches business to be more compassionate.

  • Mindfulness

    • that allows us to live life as it is without being overwhelmed by it.

    • that helps to build the resilience that allows accepting, adapt and move forward  

  • Helping people to make Jumps happen. Those jumps can be

    • small or big

    • external or internal

    • fast or slow

            But they always bring you closer to yourself and help you to take back the power over your own life


Born in Kazakhstan, raised in Russia, taught in Spain, settled in France.


In terms of profession, I tried various things before making my own Big Jump and finding the right occupation for me.


 So let's start from the beginning


Previously I worked in:

  • Advertising and Marketing

  • Human Resources

  • Translation

  • Modelling

  • Hospitality


Yep, quite a range of jobs there, in none of them I stayed for long. For those short periods of time I managed to achieve:

  • Managed the launch of the national TV commercial of big international car brand (Land Rover) after barely a month working in the team.

  • Presented to the CEOs and management team (in two different organisations) ideas and insights based on Design Thinking research on improving the working environment in the company. It was my initiative. 

  • Participated and guided design research projects for startups and big 

  • international companies

  • Simultaneously interpreted business conversations (FR,EN,RU)


helped me to realize, that I'm quite a pain in the ass for any boss: I have too many ideas, I take initiative and most importantly I speak up.

I desperately needed the freedom to express all the energy I had boiling in me for a while, so I dived into a search for a RIGHT profession for me.

Based on the various personal development trainings, books, long self-interrogation process, conversations with psychologists, coaches about their profession, I understood that I've been already "practising" coaching for a while. The only difference was that it wasn't paid and it was with my people around me.

Because on the BASIS of the most fulfilling occupation for me was something that I did naturally (☝️take a hint about how to define your passion) :

-Sharing what I know

-Constant learning and development

-Helping people to maximize their potential.


this activity had a name, it called coaching.

Moreover, I even had a specialization defined: professional orientation.

That always inspired me, I have always passionately talked how important it is to do what you love (soon I realized it's even more important loving what you do), and even managed to help people find their vocation without realizing it.

I finally accepted who I was, and launched my coaching practice in 2016:



  • As a coach, I've been helping my clients to Jump Big by achieving their goals and make big positive changes by elaborating clear action plans and dealing with inner obstacles. Magic happens in individual and group sessions. Clients reviews, check here.


For B2B projects with a focus on innovation and corporate well-being, I combine coaching with DT tools where:

  • As a Design Thinking Facilitator (which is a teacher, psychologist and a strategist rolled into one), I  guide participants (from 5 to 20+ mixed audience) through an innovative process towards identifying  root causes, re-framing challenges and generating ideas

  • As a Well-being Project Leader, I manage an innovative project through 3 stages: Research, Analysis, Co-creation and Recommendation. A recent project was with a goal to improve well-being for 50+ employees in  #1 France export insurance company Euler Hermes (part Allianz).

This is about my professional path. 
I can't say it's a smooth ride. More a bumpy one. Even when I found MY profession, it turned out it wasn't all that it caught out to be: it's not all easy and fancy as on Instagram pictures. Moreover, passion is not equal money. And that it is actually about very different mindsets that you either have or acquire through EXPERIENCE, not just visualization.


Life challenges can be solved with a mix of playfulness, creativity and determination


When it comes to my internal journey

it is a never-ending one. It started in childhood with a curiosity about the world and people in particular: why they do what they do, what's the motivations behind their actions and what helps them to move forward. It continued with books, personal development workshops, even spirituality and it continues its way in coaching and design thinking,

Both internally and externally it has been lots of ups and downs. So I draw on the first-hand experience when I help with:

  • lack of confidence

  • panic attacks

  • feeling being "lost in profession"

  • failing and re-starting as an entrepreneur 

But that experience makes me me. And it can help you to achieve your goals in a faster way: a month (or days!) instead of 4 years:


  • Design and start living the life that brings you joy

  • Define the RIGHT profession for you: the one that fulfils and feeds 

  • Acquire  a set of tools 

    • to work out the "resilience=equanimity= confidence" muscle

    • to bring out the artist, innovator, designer (whatever you call it) to solve a personal or business puzzle

    • JUMP to wherever you decide to be!

  • Build a brand that represents YOU and also sells well



*Bachelor's Degree in International Commerce with Marketing Specialization.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation (Moscow, Russia)

*Master's Degree in Design Management.

Istituto Europeo di Design (Barcelona, Spain)



*Life Coaching.

Coach The Life Coach program


Rapid Personal Transformation Teachers 



*“Foundations of Psychology" course

RMIT University

*"Human resources" course

RMIT University

"Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life"

Bill Burnett, Dave Evans,

CreativeLive, by Stanford University


Here is my LinkedIn




  • Don't take it seriously

  • It gives you the power to see a bigger picture and easier to step out of your comfort zone

  • Keep it fun!


  • Everyone is creative (I am, my clients are, so you can be too, you already are actually)

  • Freedom to create life energy you want to experience


  • Master your emotions and mind= master your life

  • Experience your life without being overwhelmed by it

We are what we pay attention to.

Change your focus, change your life



to see how Big Jump could be helpful to you.

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